We believe that each person is unique and requires time and attention specific to their own physiological and emotional make up.

DJamal Kord and Linda Modaro have been living and working in Santa Monica since 1992. Currently, DJamal practices Medical Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy, and Chinese Herbology and Linda teaches reflective meditation for individuals and groups. They offer their services without glitz for ordinary citizens working and living in Santa Monica and surrounding areas.

Unfortunately, the insurance industry changed Acupuncture reimbursement from a PPO system to American Specialties Health (ASH). We are now out of network for insurance, but will provide a super-bill in case your insurance covers out of network providers.

We find that progress and outcomes from Acupuncture and Meditation are varied and depend upon many conditions in your life; therefore, investigation and exploration into the causative factors of distress and disease are an important part of our work together.

DJamal treats patients at the office in Santa Monica, supervises acupuncture interns at the Venice Family Clinic, teaches CEU courses at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and provides acupuncture bi-weekly for clients at BeHive of Healing in Agoura Hills, CA.

In 2016 Linda founded a non-profit, Sati Sangha, and currently holds monthly groups in Santa Monica, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, mentors meditation teachers, and teaches retreats across the US and Australia.  Her online groups and sessions include meditators from around the world, and support a blending of reflective meditation with other mindfulness, insight, and awareness practices.